Manufacturer of Coffee Bean Dispensers & Distributor of Espresso Machines and Grinders


Our senior team has gained a vast amount of coffee industry experience that includes product development for commercial espresso machines, coffee roasters, retail coffee silos and CPG coffee products. Passionate for coffee and relationships, we are poised for growth via implementation of our 4 Guiding Core Values and Principles that cultivates Customer Service Excellence in order to increase loyalty and solve customer related issues. Sustainability contributions are made via our supply chain (Rain Forest Alliance) and internal programs and policies.

Key Accounts:

We have the experience, capability and networks to service national key accounts for espresso machines, grinders and coffee silos.

Coffee Silos:

Market leader of the highest quality coffee silos.

Espresso Machines:

We also supply traditional commercial espresso machines by BFC that features superior design, high quality workmanship and large boilers. Installation, programming and training can be included with every machine sale.

Additional Products:

For our high volume business and chain accounts, we are pleased to offer the S300 Rex-Royal Super-Automated Espresso Machine. The S300 by Rex Royal is one of the most reliable machines in the marketplace with a proven track record. 

Automatic Fiorenzato Espresso Grinders: Full line of products

4 Guiding Core Values and Principles:


Always maintain a positive long-term view, focus on quality, be solution-oriented and cultivate value for relationship building.


Our business model requires us to become experts in the products and services that we provide in order for our customers to gain trust and make informed decisions. Learning is dynamic and not static. Our culture encourages professional development, new businesses processes and adhering to goals.


Our mission is to provide the most efficient service while adhering to the highest level of consistency, integrity and reliability while staying true to our culture and objectives. 


We will strive to provide succinct valuable information in order to ensure understanding throughout our value chain. Internally, we are to maintain ethical and healthy relationships with all stakeholders. Externally, we are to provide transparency and accuracy in quotations, contracts and after sales customer service.