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Are you planning to serve 300,1000 or 2000 coffees per day?

No problem, we offer a professional barista service along with high end equipment rentals. We have a pool of 15 professional, polite and polished baristas that can accommodate any type of client or event. We have very high service and quality standards.

Turnkey Barista Rentals for Corporate and Special Events
Specializing in Trade Show Rentals and Pop-up Events

Menu Mix:
  • Single, Double, Triple Espressos, Ristretto, Luongo, Americano, Allonge
  • Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Dry Cap, Machiatto, Cortado, Cortadito, Mocha, Con Panna
  • Syrups available upon request for Caramel, Vanilla and Hazelnut Lattes
  • Other specialty items such as Iced Espressos and Cold Brew
  • Spanish, Brazilian and Irish Coffees as well as Espresso Martini's
  • Options such as 1%, 2%, Skim and Whole Milk. 10% Cream, Oat, Almond and Soy available upon request.

Craft Cocktails examples with Espresso
  • Double Shot. Mocha Almond Milk with hints of Vanilla and Cafe Liquor
  • Melted Organic Chocolate mixed into thick crema with Raspberry Liquor or Spiced Rum and other essentials
  • Cuban style coffee with Red Porto and Dark Fruit Zests
  • Ristretto Shooter with Maple Infused Whisky and a Dash of Cream
  • Custom Espresso & Kenya Cold Brew Blend with Organic Sparkling Water, Cane Syrup, Triple Sec and essentials
Turnkey service can also include sugars, napkins, cups etc.

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 The pictures below are actual events with our equipment and not stock photos.